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Social Media

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                        This course focuses on in-person and expert consultation, developing tactical sessions for specific audiences within your workforce. Moreover the trainee will study the role of social media in covering the event for a lot of audiences ; Now any one can post his news written or through  images , videos , graphics using facebook , twitter , youtube.


                        1-	Introduction to Social Media.
2-	Twitter , Facebook , youtube
3-	Google Plus.
4-	Instagram, Yelp, Foursquare , Pinterest
5-	LinkedIn.
6-	Content marketing.
7-	Advanced Topics

Who should attend ?

                        1-	Scholars specialized in Social Media , and Mass communicators.
2-	Mass communication students. 
Anyone interested in doing publicity for his industry/brand/project.


Ayman Salah

Media Innovation expert, started in 1997 as Internet business developer and established different business models for different industries and regional clients, He join media development program as Media Business, and Innovation expert. He successfully designed and implemented different models for online media business for Public, private and local media outlets, for that he was selected to be ICFJ Knight fellow for Media Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa to help media partners and start-ups to make more business

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