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                        This diploma is designed for people who need to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and social media marketing. Participants will learn to develop a digital and social media marketing plan as a part of their overall marketing strategy, determine who should be on their team, and choose how they will measure what is taking place.
You will learn through practical applications and getting introduced to the Content Management Systems (CMS) such as joomla and wordpress.


                        Digital Marketing – an overview
•	A brief overview about digital marketing and all relevant set of activities:
•	Search Engine Optimization
•	Local SEO – Google My Business
•	Search Engine Marketing – Google AdWords
•	Display Advertising – Contextual | Behavioral | Targeted
•	Google AdWords
•	Facebook
•	LinkedIn
•	YouTube
•	Content Marketing & Blogging
•	Social Media Marketing
•	Lead Generation
•	Marketing Offer – Attractive / Relevant Offer
•	Landing Page – Offer’s details with form
•	Conversion Page – Thank you page
•	Email Marketing – using icontact.com
•	Video Marketing – YouTube
•	Responsive Design
•	Google Analytics
Search Engine Optimization
•	What is SEO?
•	Why SEO?
•	How Search Engine works?
•	Google’s Algorithms
•	Does SEO take time to see results?
•	21 SEO Tips that every website owner, designer, blogger and content writer need to know!
•	Keyword Research
•	Creating Content Hierarchy first!
•	Brainstorming – Think and discuss them!
•	Google Suggest
•	Related Searches
•	Google Keyword Planner
•	Keyword Tools
•	Google Trends – Finding Search Trends | Most Search Terms
•	How to translate keywords?
•	Organizing the keywords
•	Writing Headlines (Page Titles) with examples
•	Writing Summary (META Descriptions) with examples
•	META Keywords are no more!
•	Optimizing Page Content
•	What is keywords stuffing?
•	Optimizing Page Content (body)
•	Good Examples
•	Related Posts / Products
•	SEO for Images
•	Structuring the Content
•	SEO-friendly Domain Name
•	SEO-friendly URL Structure
•	Plan your Site’s Hierarchy
•	Breadcrumb Navigation
•	Internal Linking – Site Navigation
•	How Google reads our pages?
•	Localized SEO
•	Website Speed Testing
•	HTML Improvements using Google Search Console
•	Backlinks – the latest trends
•	Who is linking to us? Fixing bad links
•	Tools: OSE & Ahrefs
•	Links from YouTube Videos
•	Social Media Links
•	Manual Sharing
•	Social Media Sharing
•	SEO & PR
•	Users’ Engagement
•	Links to Related Stories
•	Enable Social Sharing
•	Embedding videos
•	Enabling site search feature
•	Bounce Rate & Visits’ Duration
•	Self-hosted Blog
•	Blended SEO
•	Optimizing Social Media Updates
•	Optimizing YouTube Videos
•	Some Extra Tips

Google AdWords
•	Setting up Google AdWords Campaigns – that avails high ranking at low cost
•	Content Structuring
•	Understanding Quality Score
•	Finding and selecting the right Keywords
•	Keywords Matching Options
•	Campaign Setup procedure
•	Ads and Ad Groups
•	Organizing Ad Groups
•	Creating Effective Ads
•	Optimizing Landing Pages
•	Bid Management
•	Negative Keywords
•	Analytics – Measure and fine-tune
•	Remarketing Campaigns – How to configure, Setup and Monitor them?
•	YouTube Video Ad Campaigns
Google Analytics
Web Analytics using Google Analytics training course provides you with techniques to get the best possible return on the investment you have already made in your web site design, search engine optimization and marketing campaigns. This training covers the following topics:
•	Getting Started with Google Analytics
•	Understanding Dashboard – Audience | Advertising | Traffic Source | Content | Conversions
•	Taking decisions based on Analytics Reporting
•	Defining Business Goals and Objectives
•	Tracking Social Media Traffic
•	Tracking SEO Traffic
•	Integrating your Google AdWords campaigns into Google Analytics
•	Measuring Tools and Methods
•	Measuring your Site’s ROI
•	Introduction to Goal Conversion – Tracking the Conversions
•	Configuring UTMs (Custom URLs)
•	Google Tag Manager – a brief overview

Social Media Marketing – Strategies, Tips & Tools
•	Overview and some brief statistics
•	Social Media Marketing Strategy
•	Setting up Social Media Goals
•	Be Selective. Start Slow!
•	Find out where your targeted people connect
•	Popular Social Media Networks
•	KnowEm – Check Social Media Username Availability
•	Knowing your Audience
•	Google Alerts – Monitoring your brands, competitions, and industry trends using
•	TweetDeck – a monitoring tool similar to Google Alerts for Twitter
•	Hashtags – Best Practices & Tools
•	Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn
•	Setting up a Facebook Business Page
•	Facebook Graph Search – SEO for Facebook
•	Facebook Fans vs Talking about this
•	Promoting your Page
•	Boost Post
•	Facebook/Instagram Advertising using Facebook Ads Manager
•	Remarketing/Retargeting using Facebook Custom Audiences
•	LinkedIn Advertising: Text Ads | Sponsored Content
•	Content Marketing/ Posting Strategy – Great content, perfect timings & ideal frequency / Implementing Social Media / Engaging your Audience
•	Self-hosted Blogging – Tips & Tools
•	Lead Generation
•	Ideas for Content Marketing
•	Content Curation
•	Search Trends and finding relevant questions to be answered
•	Tips to write social media updates
•	PostPlanner – finding relevant content easily to share with your prospects
•	BuzzSumo – Find Trending & Most Shared Content
•	How often should we post?
•	Which type of posts get the most engagement?
•	When your Facebook/Twitter users are online
•	Optimal Scheduling Tool
•	Scheduling/Automating Social Media updates using Buffer
•	Bringing people back to your website while curating content using Snip.ly
•	Creating & Editing Amazing photos for your social media update without knowing graphic designing/Photoshop
•	Social Media Images’ Dimensions
•	The 80/20 Rule
•	How to find social media influencers?
•	Social Follow & Social Sharing Tools
•	Social Media Plugins to be incorporated with your website
•	Daily 80-minute Social Media Plan
•	Measuring Success
•	Fans, Likes, Comments & Share
•	Track performance using Google Analytics
•	UTMs – URL Builder
•	Bounce Rate, Time Spent on Site and Conversions!
•	Tracking Offline Conversions
•	Tracking your emails
•	Viral Videos Examples
•	Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest – Best Practices, Tips and Tools

•	Great Resources to continue learning!
•	Tips and Guidance towards Hubspot, HootSuite and Google Certifications!

Who should attend ?

                        This course is designed for candidate who want to increase their online marketing skills through social media and e-marketing tools and creating a website through the use of CMS.
•	Digital Marketing Overview
•	SEO – Search Engine Optimization
•	Google AdWords – Search Engine Marketing | Display Advertising
•	Google+ Local & Google Places – Connecting your business with local customers
•	Inbound Digital Marketing Concepts and Implementation
•	Social Media Marketing – Strategy | Blogs | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+
•	Video Marketing – YouTube
•	Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising
•	Google Analytics – Track your success


Ayman Salah

Media Innovation expert, started in 1997 as Internet business developer and established different business models for different industries and regional clients, He join media development program as Media Business, and Innovation expert. He successfully designed and implemented different models for online media business for Public, private and local media outlets, for that he was selected to be ICFJ Knight fellow for Media Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa to help media partners and start-ups to make more business

3000 LE


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