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CMA Part 1

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                        This is a globally recognized certificate that supports management accounting and finance professionals who drive business performance inside organizations. The CMA program is an advanced-level curriculum requiring candidates to demonstrate knowledge of accounting, finance and related fields. 

Who are the CMAs? 
1- Possess advanced financial and strategic management competencies
2- Lead, manage and make decisions in management accounting and financial management
3- Are trusted partners to executives in all areas of an organization
4- Evaluate performance and make decisions about the strategic direction of the organization
5- Understand the business formula for delivering value to the customer
6- Earn approximately 22 percent more than a non-certified professional


                        Part 1          Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control
(4 hours – 100 questions and 2 essay questions)

External Financial Reporting Decisions	15%	
Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting	30%	
Performance Management	20%	
Cost Management	20%	
Internal Controls	15%

Who should attend ?

                        Accountants and Accountant Managers


Mustafa Ameen

Mustafa Ameen, is a creative and innovative leader with proven successes in the areas of Financial and Management accounting. He earned his CMA, Certificate from IMA, and IFRS from ACCA. He is one of the most professional trainers. He has more than 10 years of experience in various financial and accounting aspects, including financial planning and budgeting, financial accounting and reporting and financial analysis, Designing accounting and internal controls systems, implementing change and ensuring effective and Efficient internal controls to minimize business risks. He trained more than 1,000 trainees in various fields. Throughout his professional life, he worked as Financial Controller on JVs and Foreign Companies, at Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company. Job Tasks: Statoil Hydro, British Petroleum Co. ( BP) , Edison Petroleum Co. , ENI. Petroleum Co. ( I.E.O.C ) , British Gas ( Bg ) , Dana Gas , Gaz de France ( GDF ) , RWE Petroleum Co. , Wastani Petroleum Co. He is a consistent contributor to National Projects identifying problems and solutions for major projects at a consultancy bases, and an enthusiastic participant in providing precision documents for both the financial and business developments dynamics, directing and shaping critical decision making process, a vital but most important part of the micro-mechanism for practical and sustainable solutions.

6000 LE


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