Who we are

CICCE is a Canadian affiliated continuing education center that introduces a new concept and understanding of what training is all about. Coming from the heart of the Canadian International College, CICCE is capitalizing on more than 10 years of undergraduate learning experience that truly enriches the understanding and definition of the needs to build tomorrow's leaders. We are working closely with our Canadian partners to insure that all the programs offered by CICCE are updated in order to meet the global market needs with a futuristic vision . Being an international brand, we work through our various offices in the Middle East as one Cohesive unit implementing tailored training techniques that fits the region's profile and training needs. The approach makes the CICCE team extremely aware of the culture impact on training effectiveness and the importance of constantly updating and improving our approach to become a truly distinguished Canadian Learning Center.


Our objective is to prepare the right people with the right skills for the right jobs to shape a better MENA. Right the learning to right the people. Right the people and we will lead the world.


The mission of the CICCE is to meet the lifelong learning and training needs of the students in the local community and the region. Harnessing CIC resources in various fields of knowledge. CICCE offers a variety of standard and customized certificate programs, diploma programs and courses. These programs are designed to enhance professional and technical skills, as well as addressing the needs for personal development and cultural enrichment for learners of all ages.

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At CICCE we offer many different programs that are quite unique in its structure, content, learning objectives and delivery methods. We are well aware of the current forces created by today's knowledge based industry that has uplifted the ceiling of expectations from the current as well as the upcoming work force. This digital age we are living in, makes it essential for individuals to restructure his knowledge map and dramatically change the way they see their learning pace. CICCE offers both innovative and trendy courses that has been proven to affect the global economy and are becoming fundamental requirement to acquire an adequate understanding of today's workplace. Our programs can be calssified under twelve main umbrellas.

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